Roll Up Roll Up!

The Flood Theatre Digital Empire has expanded!

We have now included not one but TWO shops on our website. Click Shop to see our gradually-expanding array of merchandise, or “merch” as complete dickheads are known to call it. Or click Music to sample some of our new music, composed especially for our upcoming Edinburgh show. We also have a nice shiny “donate” button which allows people to donate as much money as their sanity will allow to the Flood Theatre effort.

Which brings us to the main issue. We’re approaching our final big drive to raise money for our Edinburgh show. We’ve been doing very well so far, but every little helps, and any and all assistance will be gratefully received. So if you’re interested in new, original satire with a fresh approach to comedy and a murky undercurrent, why not help us out? If you’re feeling madly generous, you can use our donate button to simply hand over as much of your moolah as you feel appropriate. But if you feel you deserve a little in return for your cash, then take a look at our music or merchandise stores and see if anything catches your eye (or ear).

In the meantime, we’re going to keep adding content to the site in a continued effort to show what a worthwhile enterprise this is.

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