FLOOD THEATRE is a dark, satirical comedy company. "Like a politicised League of Gentlemen" (ThreeWeeks). We perform unscheduled surgery as a spectator sport.

"Hard, funny and stupid."
- The New Current  

"Pitch perfect."
- ThreeWeeks

"You'll either love this or totally hate it."
- One4Review

We know your secrets.

New Ambient Music

A selection of music from our upcoming Edinburgh show “Flood” is now available online. All of these tracks are original compositions put together to serve as an ambient soundtrack to our show, underpinning the dark subject matter and developing tone and mood.

You can listen to it using the widget below, or by visiting our Soundcloud page.

Knees Not Fees!


In the wake of current events, Flood Theatre is proud to unveil its brand new political campaign, “KNEES NOT FEES”. Consisting of a single image posted on an Internet Website Page, the campaign is set to revolutionise the world of politics. Speaking from halfway up a tree in Epping Forest, Artistic Director James Ivens described the campaign as “the complete fucking dog’s bollocks”, going on to say that the rise in tuition fees was “well shit”, and that the current government “can fuck right off. Seriously, RIGHT off. Like, a really long way away.”

Director Artistic Andrew Jones added, “We’ve always been fans both of bandwagons and jumping on things. Combine that with our interest in knees, and the fact that ‘knees’ rhymes with ‘fees’, and you’re on to something pretty special.” Speaking from his panic room deep under Stamford Brook Underground station, he went on to add, “Let me tell you, this changes everything. Now get out of here or we’ll run out of oxygen.”

Both Nick Clegg and David Cameron were unavailable for comment, citing a need to return to their Clone Pods to have their Human Resemblance Units retuned. Their spokesjackinthebox, however, said, “Fuck you AND the horse you rode in on! Man either you’re super hot or I’m totally wasted,” going on to add, “I hope it’s both.”

New Website New Website New Website

Welcome to v2 of the Flood Theatre website. This complete overhaul is designed to be more user-friendly and more expandable as the company grows and changes. And because we believe that it is important that we interact with the people that come and see our shows, we intend to add social media functions, more content, and a blog engine to allow people to comment and interact. This is just the beginning!

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