Flood PLC Holdings: Web Strategy Communiqué

Chief Communications Chief, Flood PLC Holdings

Valued Customers,

I’m writing to inform you of some changes to communication strategy at Flood Theatre, a subsidiary of Flood PLC Holdings.

Following feedback from You, we have dismissed Deputy Assistant Spambot James Ivens and burnt down the office where he worked.

With the savings made from his post, combined with a timely insurance pay-out following a sudden fire in one of Flood’s office buildings, we will be pumping further resources into our core services: Twitter-based news feeds.

In order to protect the integrity of these core services, we will be making efficiency savings in our Facebook department. Facebook communications will be rescheduled to consist of the previous day’s most viewed news item, a weekly review of key events, plus occasional communiqués from myself and our Dear Leader Robert M. Treadstone.

To keep up-to-date with the world’s goings-on, follow @floodtheatre on Twitter.

Sincere Regards,

Trelawney Bisque
CCC, Flood PLC Holdings

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